Monday, June 28, 2010

Excuses, excuses.

Hello blog-world! I know it's been a while since I've last been here so this one will be an update of sorts. There really is no excuse but it's been kind of impossible for me to get on as of late. My family went on a little vacation to Tennessee a couple weeks back to stay with some friends. It was a grand ole time, yours truly shot a gun for the first time! Funny that that was the highlight of the trip... You probably won't understand unless you've shot one before, but it really is a rush. You just feel so empowered. It made me want to become a certified bad ass, Lara Croft style. Granted my aim isn't so good... But nevertheless I think the Russian mob has found themselves an excellent hit-man. No? Okay then, back to business.

I fully intended to follow up the last blog with something of substance. But, as you can tell, that didn't happen. Our internet became a little shaky after that before cutting out completely. Comcast (our internet/cable provider) came out and patched it up but that's just a quick fix, they have to replace the line.

A little side note to that. The internet started acted up after a dispute of sorts between my dad and our lovely neighbor Jelly Belly (not a real name obviously but I don't want to embarrass the poor man. Although he did leave me without internet for a week...). See our neighbors are bonefied wack jobs. They're a couple in their fifty's who are living off Jelly Belly's disability checks. Even though he built his house himself just fine. (Strike one: I hate people who take advantage of things meant to help people who are actually hurt.) Jelly Belly is very self-centered and his wife, Loony Tunes, is just that. Loony. Long story short: the cable box is in their backyard. Our neighbors behind us had problems with their cable and called Comcast. The Comcast worker let himself in the yard (perfectly legal by the way, it's called an EASEMENT dumby, you shouldn't have fenced it in). Jelly Belly came out screaming and yelling and someone called the cops. Jelly Belly went to tell (gloat to) my dad about it when he got home from work. But my dad wouldn't have any of it and told him off. And then the internet went out. The Comcast worker says it looks like someone took a knife and nicked our internet wire. Hmmmm....

Now don't go thinking my dad was just starting trouble. Ever since they built their house and moved in they've called the police/park district/city/fire department on all of their neighbors whose land touches theirs. Everyone's just sick of always having to worry about how they're going to react to every little thing we do. My dad lost his temper at last, simple as that. Of course now we're going to have hell to pay... But whatever. If your life is so small that you have to force your opinions onto everyone else, then go on ahead. Because the rest of us have bigger things to worry about. (Sorry if this has bored you, it's been a bigger issue in my life recently and I felt I should let you in on it.)

And that my friends is the reason this blog has not been updated in quite a while. I promise, though, I will keep it up. And next time it will be something more enjoyable.


  1. "our lovely neighbor Jelly Belly (not a real name obviously but I don't want to embarrass the poor man"--as if Jelly Belly wasn't embarrassing. Hahaha.

  2. yeaaah I guess I'm not so much worried about that after all. funny thing is that's what everybody on my street calls him behind his back