Sunday, January 24, 2010

Grow Up

What's that you said?
You want my help?
Oh my, how incredibly selfish of me!
I seem to have forgotten--
Forgotten that you're the center of the universe,
That they very second you need me
I should drop what I'm doing
and come do whatever you ask of me.

Your pedestal reaches so high
I can barely see you up there.
It's like you're the queen -ahem-
king of the world.
The world is yours for the taking,
the people, yours for the using.
What do us little people matter anyways,
we can surely not compare to you!

When you wake up from
this heady delusion of yours-
I will be waiting rght here for you.
So I can give you your just desserts.
And no they're not poisoned...

**I wrote this when I was really pissed at someone. It's not so much a poem as a rant written in stanza.

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