Monday, January 11, 2010

Not the sharpest tool in the shed...

I am going to admit it: I'm kind of a novice at writing poetry. While I have had many lectures and courses over it for about the past five years in my English classes, I've never really done much with it. I would do those monotonous assignments where we had to write two or three poems in each variety over the give subject. Along with my fellow classmates I would moan and complain. "What's the point?" "This is sooo boring, we've done this every year!" Then I proceeded to go home, fudge my way through it, doing just enough to get a decent grade on the assignment (which, to tell the truth, wasn't hard at all.)

However, as I've grown and developed over the years (quite beautifully I might add...), I've discovered that poetry isn't quite that bad at all. I've found that if I actually spend time on reading poems, developing my skills on reading and writing, and studying structure it's kind of a big deal for me. I find it to be much more helpful when I want to express myself. Sometimes it's just sooo much easier to get out what I'm trying to say or what I'm feeling without having to conform to the structure and rules of sentences and paragraphs. Oh, sure, I still love to write a good essay or story and what not. But it's always pleasant to have this free, unstructured way of expressing myself to fall back on and emerse myself in.

The whole point to this blog is mainly just to inform you that yes, my poetry is kind of... amateurish and yes, I do need a bit more work and practice with it. However, that's how we all start out isn't it? As an amateur and needing more practice. And also that the poetry I post really isn't meant to ridiculed and graded, but for me to get out what I'm feeling, to let me have some kind of release of these pent up feelings I have inside me. Because let's face it, high school's hard what with all the drama, homework, and God knows what else. We all need some way to deal. And I suppose this must be mine.

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