Monday, April 5, 2010

A Trio of Poems

So here are three poems that I wrote back in January. We were doing a poetry unit in my English class and we had to write an ABC poem, an object poem (I don't actually remember what it's called), and then a free verse poem. Here there are!

ABC Poem
A nother day is about to begin
B oundless opportunities await just outside the door
C hoices are for making, just say when.
D on't let those people who are waiting for
E verything to come crashing down on you
F orce you into giving up on
G olden victory on which they wish to poo.

The Piano
A telegraph of emotions and feelings
Sends signals conveying that which I cannot say.
Those who carefully listen decipher my code.
As I hammer my dots and dashes, and get carried away.

Immune to the World
What kind of world do we live in,
where some people only care for themself.
Where people are only for the using
and friendship grows dusty on a self.

What has this world come to
when in order to survive you must take and take.
When you have to stab your friend in the back
and cause their whole world to break.

Well, I've grown stronger and wiser,
the trickery no longer works on me.
I've found a new way to survive
to which my pride and honor is the key.

I realize that these probably aren't my best. They've sort of made me realize that my poetry tends to be kind of literal. I've been trying to work on it. I know some poetry is good when it's like that, but all of my poetry is like that. You could say I've been kind of using these to base myself off of to improve. It's a work in progress and we'll see how it all turns out!

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