Saturday, December 4, 2010


It snowed today!!! Okay, it wasn't the first snow of the season. It snowed a wee bit on Thanksgiving, not enough to stick. Today there was like an inch. An inch really isn't a lot, but it's promising. I absolutely love snow and winter in general. Some people hate it, but I can't get enough. I don't know, something about winter just feels magical. The way the ice glistens on the trees; the crunch of snow beneath my brand new Sperry Top-Siders; curling up beneath a blanket, reading a good novel while the winter wind whistles outside. I could go on, but I think you get the picture. It also contains my most favorite holiday ever, CHRISTMAS! I love the whole Christmas season. I really can't contain myself. I know it will be kind of hard on everybody this year, because of my gramma passing, but I think she would want us to really have a good one this year. I think we'll all appreciate each other a little more because of it. Oh, I also can't forget to mention that my birthday's in February.

We finally got our Christmas tree today. We went out to the local hardware store where the Boy Scouts sell them every year. After we had picked out our own my dad goes, "We should get Aunt Patti a tree, too, shouldn't we?" Aunt Patti is my dad's oldest sister. We're really close, I only have two other girl cousins, but they're not really around all that much. So my aunt Patti and aunt Mary kind of dote on me. So we picked out a small-ish one and strapped it to the top of the Cherokee with our own. She lives on the ground floor of the family's old house and my cousin Michael lives on the top floor with his girlfriend Shannon. We got there and she looked like she was going to cry. Michael and Dad set it all up for her. She said that she wasn't really in the mood this year, but by the time we left she was already looking for all her decorations and talking about going shopping for lights.We haven't put our own tree up yet, I think we're doing that tomorrow. I can't wait, I just love the way Christmas trees smell.

After dinner we went and visited my grampa Jerry. It was weird because it was so quiet. The whole family had practically been living there all week. There was no one else with him, so there wasn't any excitement. I felt really sad as soon as I walked in. It just wasn't the same without her there. You could just tell something was missing. I don't think I'll ever get used to it. I just miss her so much, everyone does. Their dog Cubby was acting unlike himself. Usually he's all playful and jumpy, but tonight he laid down the whole time and kept looking at the doors expectantly. He kind of freaked me out, at one point he looked directly over my shoulder. Not at me, at the the area above my shoulder. I guess I'm just superstitious.

It seems weird that I have to go back to school tomorrow (I have four days of homework to finish tomorrow, joy). School just seems like a completely different, unrelated life. It was easier at Gramma's house, because everyone else there was going through the same thing. We all had this huge thing in common, we were all dealing with it. I feel like no one will really get it at school. I know they've all lost people in their lives, but not the same person as me. But it helps to know that I have family member I'm close to and can talk to about things.

Wow, long blog today! Guess I'm just making up for the past few months. Buenos noches, amigos!


  1. That was really sweet for y'all to get your aunt a tree! I love stories like that.

    And agreed. Homecoming is the worst! Luckily, I got out of it this year because I was a sweetheart. Worst part about this Christmas one was that one of my pads fell out right beforehand, and no one had ANYTHING sticky that I could fix it with. I ended up taking some stick tape from the percussion instructor and ghetto rigging it.

  2. And your family is in my thoughts and prayers. It is always so hard to lose a loved one, and it I know takes forever to get used to it.