Thursday, December 30, 2010

there's no such thing as ghosts, there's no such thing as ghosts.

I feel like I owe an apology. How about this, I will give one gi-normous apology to last forever. I tend to get in one-minded tracts where I focus on one thing entirely and forget about all else. This usually leaves me to neglect other areas of my life. So I apology for this past month (two months) and in advance for neglectful postings. I promise I will really, really try to be more consistent. I really do. With all my heart.

That said how was your Christmas? All things considered mine went pretty well. It was remarkably different from Christmases past, but that's to be expected. We didn't want my aunt Patti to be alone Christmas Eve so we invited her to spend the night. We went to Midnight Mass, which was just beautiful. I can confidently say I will be attending for years to come. Exceeeept... You see it had snowed like six or seven inches the past two days. So when I walked out after mass a huge gust of wind blew a mountain of snow off of one of the church steeples. And who did it land on? Me, of course. I was absolutely covered. After that I was like, all right I'm going home and going right to bed. I consider myself lucky, however. At least there wasn't any ice that flew down and hit me in the head. It would be just my luck to spend Christmas in the hospital (which reminds me of a real tragedy that I'll talk about in a bit).
Like father, like daughter.

Since we went to bed so late we didn't get up until around nine-thirty. Which is pretty good for us. When we were little my older brother Conor and I would get each other up at like six and try to get our parents to let us open presents. Every. Year. Tradition is we get one big present and a few smaller ones. My big present was a #80 Donald Driver jersey. Go Packers!!! (You're forgiven for being anything but a Packers fan, I understand it's easy to get confused as to who the best team is.) And then I got a bunch of DVDs. (Including Veronica Mars Season 1 boxed set. EEEEE!)

On a more (much, much more) serious note, a tragedy has happened to my community over Christmas break. Real early Christmas Eve a boy(we'll call him DC) I go to school with was rushed to the hospital. Apparently he had been at a party in the downtown-ish area (totally sketch) and got into a confrontation with a twenty-two year old there (DC's seventeen). They got into a fight and DC ended up getting knocked out. They waited awhile before actually calling the police. My friend's dad is a firefighter in that area and he said that when he got there he didn't even recognize DC. When he got to the hospital they had to put him in a drug-induced coma in order to do immediate surgery on his skull because his brain was swelling. The newspapers say they're slowly taking him out of the coma. But who knows what he'll be like when he wakes up? I feel so terrible about it all, everyone does. It's just so horrible. You just can't imagine that happening to someone you know until it actually does. I wasn't close to him really at all, but our school is so small it's hard not to know someone. It's really amazing how our community has come together. He was on the basketball team and they've opened up a fund for donations for his family. He's in my prayers and I'm sure everyone else's.

Does anyone know this movie?
I think I've got everything caught up to date (for the most party anyways...). I really need to go upstairs and clean up my room now... But I'm watching this series called The Haunted on Animal Plant and it's seriously freaking me out. Especially since it's dark out and I'm home alone. I'm extremely superstitious and get freaked out easily. I could have sworn I heard some China fall upstairs... I really have to stop freaking myself out.


I guess I'll go upstairs now...


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone! Enjoy your holidays!

(BTW, has anyone seen this?  Whose idea was it to use an inflatable dome in MINNESOTA?! Dumby slaps for youuu!)

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