Monday, January 16, 2012

Day 24

A picture of something you wish you could change.
I know I've talked about this before so I'll keep it short and sweet. But I wish I could change what happened at homecoming with my friend/date and how I handled the whole thing afterward. I handled the situation all wrong. I hurt his feelings and messed with my own head. I knew how I wanted our relationship to be (friends only) and now I have to admit, like a big girl, that I might have led him on a bit. Not on purpose. I would never do such a thing intentionally. But, nonetheless, it happened. And then I just ignored the whole thing like a big poop. I wish I could change it. But I can't. I've finally dealt with it. And I've also apologized. After the whole thing, I can't say we're friends anymore. Which sucks. However, I knew it would end up like this somehow, someway. Because I don't believe that two people can be friends when one of them has feelings for the other. The only thing I can do is move on and not put myself or anyone else through this whole mess again.

[This picture is from the homecoming game. I didn't want to post a picture of him.]


  1. :(

    You are right. Moving on is about all you can do. And it will get better.

  2. You're learning and that's what really matters.

  3. Oh, that is an awful thing when you're friends with someone and he has feelings, but you don't. Such an awkward situation. It's like cold water in the face when you realize he mistook friendship for something more. It's not your fault.

    Give it time and you two may be friends again. *Hugs*