Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Day 04

A picture of a habit you wish you didn't have.
No matter how hard I laugh my eyes always water. To the point that I'm basically crying when I laugh. I don't even know how many times I'm sitting there laughing about something and someone walks up and goes, "Oh my God, Kate! What's wrong?! Why are you crying?!" And then I have to go on and explain how I cry when I laugh. Which makes my friends laugh because they know how much it annoys me. Which makes me laugh because when other people laugh I can't help but laugh to. I laugh pretty easily. It's gotten so bad that I now wear almost all waterproof make up. I don't want my make up to always be running, but waterproof make up is impossible to take off.

(I'm not sure if this is actually a habit? I mean it's not really voluntary. Obviously I'd stop it if I could. But my other habit is picking at my cuticles. I tried to find a picture on Google, but that was a mistake. The pictures were so gross, I couldn't share that one with you guys.)

(In case you hadn't noticed I'd like to point out my pink/red eye. Last spring I got sick and then after that my eye got all blood shot and was constantly irritated. It got to the point where I couldn't wear a contact on that eye. It was so gross. And of course I got made fun of. All the time.)

Well, my friend's texting me about the trig homework so I better go do that (why do I always post when I should be doing my trig homework? Literally, the only times I blog are when I have trig homework to do). Oh, and I have some other things I want to blog about. So that'll happen very soon!


  1. ha that's when I blog too. I'm supposed to be pre-labbing....

    lol my eyes water sometimes for no reason, and it annoys me so bad. waterproof make up is awful. i hate trying to get it off!

  2. When I get colds my eyes water REAL bad! One time a few years ago, like right after Steve Irwin (Croc hunter) passed away we were reading this thing about him in class. My eyes started to water 'cus I was sick and some girl was like "oh my gosh are you crying?!" it was hilarious....and sorta embarassing!

  3. Haha YES i always blog when I have the most homework. But, to me, blogging is almost like an accomplishment... something useful or helpful. So it's not REALLY procrastination.

    ... okay, well just let me keep thinking this. lol

  4. i love that you cry when you laugh--i think its more a gift than a habit. i once had a friend who always laughed silently and then snorted so loudly it sounded like a goose--it always made people's heads turn!

  5. haha...i ALWAYS blog in the middle of my history :)

    nice blog!


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