Thursday, March 24, 2011


So I logged on with the intention of posting a Day 07 blog. But then I realized I had to catch up on all the blog posts I've missed this week. So I didn't have time to take a picture, upload it, upload it to the blog, and then write an entire blog. I promise I will do it tomorrow when I get home from school! Provided I haven't passed out. Our school is having a blood drive tomorrow and it'll be the first time I've given blood. I've had my blood drawn before, but not like this. I'm super nervous.

Will this picture make up for it? I hope so. (I realize it's mean to make fun of the poor girl, but seriously. Look at Leo being all nice. She forgot her lunch box!)

Fine. Here's a gif of two little fluffy animals frolicking in the snow. So adorable!


  1. omg! i never noticed that guy in the background! that's hilarious!! and those animals are totes adorb.

    and don't make fun of my abreeves. i'm practicing for when i dress up as a valley girl for halloween this year :)

  2. oh wait. did somebody add him in?? who is leo? is this common knowledge?

  3. ahhhhhhahahahahaha! oh wow. i'm dumb. it's definitely leonardo dicaprio. sorry for all the pointless comments. :D :D

  4. Hahah it's okay. We all have those days. Actually I might not have even known it was him but I got this off of tumblr and someone had a caption under it.

  5. haha whattt! that's awesome! who thinks to put leo in a rebecca black video??