Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I know what you really are, creep.

I don't like to talk about religion on here (it's kind of private thing for me) but I think it's relevant to tell you that I've given up Mt Dew for Lent. I'm sort of addicted to Mt Dew, it's the only pop I drink. Besides Crush, but I don't really count that because it doesn't have caffeine. For the past three-ish weeks now I've gotten home from school and suffered from caffeine headaches. On top of the migraines I usually get about 6th hour. How much longer until Easter? The plus side is that I've been drinking a ton more water. But the other down side? I've began having dreams about Mt Dew. Yes, dreams. So I wake up craving Mt Dew everyday. That certainly helps the cause a whole lot. (Thank you subconscious!)

Now the real reason behind this post. A boy. Not just a boy, but the boy I mentioned in a post a while back. I'm well aware this all happened like 3 months ago. But I'm the type of person who gets mad really fast, quickly becomes indifferent, and then a long while later gets to thinking about it and becomes angry again. This boy and I aren't friends anymore. Like at all. Which that in the first place kind of hurts me. I mean we were friends like a year ago before all this stuff went down. Now he hardly ever talks to me. In fact, most of the time he acts like I'm not there. Like I don't exist. It's actually insulting, I was one of your close friends and then all of sudden I'm nothing? He could at least give me some excuse. I probably would have settled for an extremely lame one.

But now there's this rumor going around school. See, one of his best friends is this girl, we'll call her Ernestine. They do everything together, even with her boyfriend. I found out from my sister's friend that this boy may or may not have gotten Ernestine pregnant. Gotten her pregnant back in December. Hmmm, you may ask, wasn't that when this boy and you were talking? Yes, yes it was. So not only did he possibly have sex with her while we were talking, he might also have gotten her pregnant. And I know that I could be freaking out over nothing. It's all possibly and might and may or may not. But there shouldn't be rumors like that in the first place. From my experience there's always something true, however small, in a rumor. (Plus she hasn't shown up for soccer, which started like a month ago, even though she's a huge soccer freak. And her stomach is questionably round. And according to one of my friends hard. I don't know, that's just what I've heard.)

Also, sometimes he'll come up to me and randomly start a conversation. Like the past 3 months just didn't happen. And then he'll go back to, "Kate who?" Make up your freaking mind. I'll play nice, but I know what you are. A shady, good for nothing, piece of shit who plays the whole nice, quiet guy thing for his advantage. I know what you're all about buddy. Oh, and now I see him walking around school talking to these two freshmen girls. Why would a senior suddenly want to be friends with two freshmen girls he has never talked to before two months before graduation? While your best friend might be pregnant with your baby? Creep.

Whew. Just had to get that out of my system. My friends have heard this a thousand and one times so I thought I would share it with you guys. =]

(BEDA in 3 days! Yes, I've decided to do it.)


  1. Oh wow. Yeah. I really....haven't had this kind of experience. [I tend to attract shy nerdy kids who have never dated anyone before. I just love 'em.] That's most def something that I would rant about all the time.

    Also, gave up soda for lent, and I have an hourly conversation with myself saying "Really? Is it worth it? At the rate you're going, you're going to hell anyways? Just go for it!" Then the guilt sets in and I go back to being miserable.

  2. wow. you're dead on. he's a BIG FAT creep. at least you know now...that's probably the only good thing about it..such a sucky situation!!!! i'm sorry this happened, but you're better off without him as your friend!!

    BEDA!!! i'm going to try really hard :)

  3. @DB yeah I always tend to attract guys like this. Or nerdy little underclassmen who can't seem to leave me alone. They're nice... but let's be real.

    @Lex Yeah, I'm glad I see what he's really like. I guess it's better knowing than not. I'm excited for BEDA!! I'm just hoping that I don't fail, it's probably going to be hard. But totally worth it.

  4. This guy sounds like a jerk.

    There are better guys out there, and I'm sure a hottie (profile pic) like you would be a big hit. :D

    Sorry if this was three steps away from being creepy. I'm not even sure how I stumbled across your blog. I was just randomly clicking on links and....here I am.