Tuesday, May 17, 2011


*This post has nothing to do with pantuflas. And everything to do with prom. We've been reviewing for the Spanish final and I can't get the word out of my head.*

Kayla, Me, Jordin, Blake
This basically describes our friendship

Morgan had to go with her boyfriends group [plus this shows how super tall I was]
Prom was actually pretty fun. Of course, some parts weren't so good. He showed up late to my house to pick me up. Which was the first bad thing. Mostly because I hate being late, hate hate hate it. My friends were mad at me, but they're usually the late ones so I didn't really mind it. This alone wouldn't have been that bad, except he didn't get me a corsage. Really, I mean really?! So that was awkward seeing as how I got him a boutonniere. [I told my cousin Josh and he was really mad. I'm basically the youngest cousin so they all feel really protective of me.] When we, finally, got to the fountain it went fine. I kind of feel like it was awkward for him, but I was having fun with my friends and their dates so I really just didn't even care. It's his own fault if he doesn't know how to be social.

We went to Fuji for dinner which is a Japanese steakhouse. They have hibachi grills or you can sit at a table and get sushi. We sat at a table and ate sushi. The plus side is that my friend Blake is a hostess there and all the chefs love her so they gave us a bunch of free food. Score! It might have been a bad time for him. He didn't even make an effort! I don't know if he's just socially awkward or what. Don't be thinking I was being a bitch to him, I really did try. But I didn't want to spend my whole night babysitting so I ended up giving up on it. But it was weird because on the drive to the dance he was really talkative. I just don't get him.

I thought at the dance he would just ditch me, I mean that's why I said I'd go with him. But I'd be having a blast dancing with my friends and suddenly he'd just be there. Helloooo creeper status. I basically just kept blowing him off. I'll admit at first I felt like a bitch, but then I just didn't care. We slow danced and he was doing that thing where they try to very nonchalantly pull you closer to themselves. But I was doing this little shuffle thing backward at the same time so I ended up closer to the couple who was dancing behind me [they were friends of mine, don't think I was being the awkward one]. Other than that the dance was sooo much fun. I'm usually not much of a dancer [because I'm terrible], but when you realize that, hey, so is everyone else you just don't care anymore. [I mean, let's be honest, most white girls from the middle of nowhere can't dance.] I was sweating by the end of the dance.

After the dance is post prom at the sports center. They have blow up obstacle courses, soccer, basketball, volleyball, indoor golfing, rock wall climbing, and at the end of the night a hypnotist. He dropped me off at my house to change with my friend Kayla and her date Jamal. I was gonna try and hitch a ride with them but he came back to pick me up. [On the way there we listened to some weird ass music. Usually I'm not one to judge, but this was freaky. Some guy was moaning about killing someone and a bunch of other stuff I don't care to describe.] I didn't see him pretty much the whole night, post prom's from 11pm to 6am. We did all the stuff in 3 hours so we were really tired about halfway through. It was cool though, because we ended up chilling on the blowup obstacle course and talking. That's when I know I have good friends, all you can be doing is just talking and that's fun. It's enough, there really isn't any effort in it.

I realize this is a really long post, so I'm almost done. After post prom my friends, their dates, and I decided we wanted to get McDonald's breakfast. This puts the final nail in my bitchiness to him, but oh well. As we were walking out I go, "Oh by the way, I'm gonna go get breakfast with them. Bye!" Yeah. Don't even tell me. I already know. But in my defense he hadn't been all that gracious either! Like my friend Morgan said, I probably would have been better off going by myself. [Or my friend Chase. Doh! Why didn't I think of him?!]
I'm happy to say this will probably be the last time you hear me speak of him. And no, I don't mean Voldemort [anybody? anyone?] All in all, a fun, if slightly awkward, prom. Nothing more or less than I expected.


  1. Sounds like a rad night. At least you went to your prom. x)

  2. and you look amazing in that dress so...does much more matter?!

  3. Well I'm glad you had fun! And I'm glad he's no longer relevant in your life. And I don't blame you for ditching him hahahahaha I feel like that usually happens at dances anyway...or at least it always happens at the dances I've been to :D

    You look so pretty in your dresses!!!

  4. I'm glad you had a good time! My sister had a similar date. He basically wouldn't dance or pay attention to her at all until the one time she was dancing with the guy she likes. Then he came and awkwardly stood behind her until they stopped and then walked away. She keeps saying that she got "Scott-blocked".

  5. you ladies look so beautiful!! i love your dress <3