Wednesday, May 4, 2011



My life since Sunday:
  • Got home at 7am from post prom. Sleep until 2 pm. Woke up with a cold.
  • Battling this cold with tons of coffee, clementines, and cold meds.
  • Still haven't made up on lost sleep from the past 3 weeks. Kate is zombie.
  • Army recruiter came to P.E. class and made us do PT exercises. Kate is zombie with sore muscles.
  • Every time I sneeze my abs feel like they're trying to give birth.
  • Ran the mile today. On the track outside in 50 degree, windy weather during 1st hour.
  • Because of the extreme coldness it felt like my thighs were being pricked with needles before I ceased to have any feeling in them at all. [Or that bitch Cassie who's been talking about me has a voodoo doll and decided to torture me as I ran the mile. No resentment there. As my friend J.B. says, she's just mad because she looks like a cheeseburger. Don't ask how it's possible, it just is.]
  • After running the mile it felt like I was breathing in thumbtacks while trying to stem the river that was pouring out of my nose [that's gross, but it's the truth.]
So as you can guess I'm a pretty sight right now.
  • I'm walking like an idiot right now because on top of having lost a bunch of sleep I'm sore from the PT exercises and running a mile.
  • I walk around school with that awkward face one makes when about to sneeze. But of course I don't acutally sneeze that often so I just look like a dumb ass.
  • I have bags under my eyes [see first bullet].
  • My hair needs to be trimmed. [This has nothing to do with my week, but still.]
Not that I'm complaining or anything! The plus side? No school on Friday because of the band trip to St. Louis. Wooh! And I promise promise promise that I'll post my prom pictures soon. I just haven't gotten around to uploading them to my computer.


  1. You're hilarious. x) I luv your blog.

  2. I WANT TO SEE PICTURES!!! of prom that is.

  3. I would say "feel better!" but since I've been an awful person, I'm just now reading this, which means you are probably better. hee hee

    ANYWAY!! I hate that sneeze face. I hate it.