Friday, August 12, 2011

Where various things, including half-naked Chris Evans, are on fire.

Three things today, people! I would firstly like to point out my kind of old brand spankin' new tab called Off the Shelf. If you would kindly tab over you will find a list of books that I have read and, down at the bottom, a cover of the book I am currently reading. And you can fully expect a commentary on the book I'm reading at this moment. [When I say commentary I mean rant.]

Today while I was having my yearly checkup at the doctor's office I was reminded of my first experience giving blood at school. As you know, if you've ever given blood, it takes awhile for them to get all the blood they need from you. However, I started to grow impatient when I noticed it was taking a little bit longer to get my blood. That's when the irrational side of my brain came out to play. As I lay there looking at the ceiling I all but convinced myself that I had been forgotten. Panic began to set in as I imagined what would soon happen. Eventually all of my blood would be emptied from my body and I would, obviously, die. I know, this is ridiculous. First, the bags aren't big enough to allow this to happen. And, second, they probably wouldn't forget someone. But I couldn't help thinking it. Have you guys ever thought this? Or is there some other irrational fear/experience that you have? Sometimes you just can't help but think of disastrous things that could happen. I will not allow this to keep me from giving blood again.
And, finally, Lex has bestowed upon me and four others an award. It is perhaps my favorite because it's called the Blog on Fire Award. And I am a pyromaniac born from a pyromaniac family. So this makes me happy. I feel slightly undeserving to do my lack of posts lately, but hey, it's summer. There's my excuse. I know I've done the 5 things about me do-dad a couple times, but bear with me.
  1. I have a slight addiction to googling things. For example, I just googled the expression 'bear with me.' Apparently, 'bear with me' means a request for forbearance or patience. 'Bare with me' would be an invitation to undress.
  2. I have a tan. I HAVE A TAN! And it's not fake.
  3. My confirmation name is Cecilia after St. Cecilia the patron of music.
  4. I love all things Mario Brothers and Nintendo. [Hence the new banner.]
  5. In order to prevent my fear from becoming real, hoarding, I have taken a step in the opposite direction. My name is Kate and I am a compulsive cleaner. [I just googled compulsive. So I guess that makes me a compulsive googler, also.]
 I will grant this honor to the following:

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"Bare with me?"


  1. Heh, I Google stuff a lot too. OR actually, I now Bing it, as I have switched from Google to Bing. I'm so alternative.
    And I too have a tan, though admittedly I was born with it. People are so jealous of me and my heritage. RECOGNISE.

  2. Thanks Kate! Now to come up with 5 more things about myself. Have a great weekend :)

  3. Yusss you've set my blog on FIREE. Thank you! :]

    Oh my gosh. I am terrified of giving blood. I would faint.

  4. being forgotten while being given blood? yes, crazy thought. yes. and still totally rational. i've had similar thoughts myself--i in fact have them almost daily.