Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Oh haaaaaaaay! Well this place looks slightly familiar. I didn't intend on taking a break at all. None whatsoever. But. However. Here we are. It sort of happened like this:
  • "I'll just catch up on things tomorrow."
  • The next day: "You know, I'm kind of tired today. Tomorrow, definitely."
  • The next next day: "A couple days that's it, I swear."
  • A week later: "Ah shit. Okay, tomorrow. Yep, for sure."
  • A couple weeks later: "I am a terrible person."
  • Today: "Get the eff over it."
And here we are. I apologize immensely. I'm hoping sure you guys understand. I have this terrible problem with procrastination. Speaking of which I have four different essays to write for my college applications... Tomorrow. I will get right on that. For sure. Definitely. Yes.

Sadly, tomorrow also happens to be my last day of baby sitting. Sadface. I will admit I was looking forward to this day for the past couple weeks. But now that I'm practically on top of it, I'm kind of sad. I mean, I've been hanging out with this kid four days a week, all summer long. As corny as it sounds, I really will miss him. I've never really had a baby sitting job before, but I do know enough to know how lucky I got. He listens to everything I say, does whatever I ask him to, and never acts like a brat. Plus he is just the sweetest thing in the world.

And, of course, school starts next Thursday. Senior year starts next Thursday. Yikes, I really don't feel old enough. But then again I do. Now I'm off to try and catch up on all the different blogs I'm following. This might take a while. (The next blog will not be twenty-one days from now. It will be up within a week.) (If you are following my tumblr or twitter you would have known that I am still alive. Links over in the side bar.)


  1. I don't blame you for not posting….i'm definitely not one to talk.

    YUUUUCK. College Essays. Been there. You have my sympathies and unyielding support. GOOD LUCK. I know they will be excellent.