Thursday, October 27, 2011

Day 20

A picture of somewhere you'd love to travel.
There are numerous places I'd love to travel: Spain, France, Germany. The list goes on. But the one place I can remember wanting to travel to the longest is definitely Ireland. My dad's family is from Ireland and really into the whole Irish heritage thing. I mean, my dad organizes the annual St. Patrick's Day Parade in my hometown for crying out loud. [He didn't get this job for being Irish, though. Mainly because he's a member of the Knights of Columbus and willing to do the job.] Anywho, I remember when I was younger wanting to go to Ireland. I want to kiss the Blarney stone, go drinking in pubs in Dublin, go to Galway Bay [that song was my favorite when I was little], and go to Roscommon and Cork counties [that's where my family's from]. I mainly just think it'd be neat to see the place where the majority of my lineage is from [my mom's family is Scottish so Scotland is a close second]. I think it'd also be really cool to do all this with my dad. He's been there before when he was a bachelor and living in Holland. But I know he'd love to go back and see it all again with his family.

Are there any places you're just dieing to travel?

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