Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Lions and Tigers and... Ferocious Beasts?

Our pride and joy!
HE'S DONE!!!! Whew, he's finally done. It took us eleven days to do it, but we did. For ten days straight we stop with Spanish lessons and just spend the whole time working on our pinatas. But that's just our Spanish teacher being super optimistic. The Spanish 1 and 2 classes have to have theirs finished by 5 tonight. We have the rest of the week to finish. The seniors finished their pinata yesterday. They made Kevin from the movie Up. My friends Alex and Hailey are making  Otto from Rocket Power. They're almost done, so I'm going to help them tomorrow. My friend Rachel is making Baby Peach. I'm sooo excited to have it done, you can not believe. Except now we can't decide who gets to keep him. I think we'll probably just settle on the old names in a hat dealie.

 So you know how I had that one guy friend who wasn't talking to me any more? Well I guess he is now... I was walking to band and he tapped my shoulder. Yeah, I fell for the whole tap the other shoulder when the person's actually on the other side thing. I do every time, without fail. And then he just starts up a conversation. Like the fact that we haven't talked in almost a month didn't actually happen. So, I guess that's that. I'm never going to pretend to understand the way guy's brains work. But whatever, I'm just happy to have my friend back. Unless he still likes me... I'll deal with that one when it comes.

I think Clay Matthews has the biggest biceps I've ever seen
You may or may not have heard... But the PACKERS ARE GOING TO THE SUPERBOWL!!!!! You can not believe how incredibly stoked I am. I AM SO EXCITED! My dad and I are huge Packers fans. It's also the day before my birthday. If the Packers won the Super Bowl I would be content with no presents for the next two years. So naturally we're going to have a big Super Bowl party. My cousin Michael is the only other Packers fan in the family, but whatevs. They'll come anyways, free food. (I completely understand that some could care less about football, but I love football so this addition was necessary.)(Also I live in Illinois, the land of the Bears, so this is a huge, huge deal.)

My cousin Michael is, I think twenty-eight, and he and his girlfriend Shannon are expecting a baby. The baby's not due until July so they don't know yet what the sex is. (I'm hoping for a girl, I was the last girl to be born on both sides of my family.) After they left on Sunday my parents got a call from Michael and he asked them to be the baby's godparents. I think my dad cried. He and Michael were really close when Michael was really young. He used to babysit for my aunt when she was going to college. Just thought I'd share that little bit of news with you. :)

Oh, and just for a laugh here's a video of my dad celebrating the Packer's win last Sunday. (My cousin Michael's the one yelling in the background.) (Oh, and sorry for it being sideways. I took it on my phone and I can't figure out how to flip it.)

Have a wonderful rest of the week!

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  1. THAT IS A SUPER SWEET PINATA. I am muy jealous.