Thursday, January 20, 2011

Near Death Experiences

Ice-sickles on the back of my house
I think our school district's superintendent is insane. Either that or he wants his students to die. We got about two inches of snow last night, and then it continued to snow all day long. I'd say now we have four inches, give or take a little, and it's blowing. And it's supposed to all night tonight. Most school districts were out today. But nope, not our school. I left ten minutes earlier than I normally do, and it took me about half an hour to get to school. It usually only takes me ten to fifteen minutes.

My front yard and Jeep
Because of Mr. "I Don't Care If My Students Almost Die or Not" I almost died this morning. Okay, maybe not died, but got seriously injured. I have to turn off of a road onto the interstate by my house in order to get to school. And that intersection is ALWAYS really bad when it snows. And it's always REALLY busy in the morning because of everyone commuting to the city. I think I was at that stop sign for five minutes trying to get onto the interstate. It would get clear so I'd put my foot on the gas, but my car wouldn't go anywhere. My tires would just spin and spin. Then more cars would come so I'd press the break down. But THEN my tires would magically work again and I'd slide closer and closer into the interstate. It was bad. I almost started crying because I thought I was either going to a) Be at that stop sign for ever, or b) Slide out into the interstate and into my death. By the time I finally got my car out there there was about six or seven cars behind me. Beautiful.

All I'm sayin' is we better not have school tomorrow, or I'm going to get really, really angry. And skip! Hahah, okay maybe not. But still. I'd really rather not die a few weeks before I turn seventeen.

Steven Tyler. Gloriousness.
Did anyone watch American Idol last night? Usually I never really got behind all the Idol hype, but I mean come on. Stephen Tyler's a judge. Steven. Tyler. He is sooo funny! You never know what is going to come out of that beautiful mouth of his. He's probably one of the only reasons I watched and will keep watching. I liked JLo too, she was sooo sweet. But it kind of got annoying. Okay JLo, we know it sucks to eliminate someone. But you gotta do it, so just do it. I also felt like they let through a lot of sixteen-year-olds. Which okay, I think that's cool that there's so much talent out there. But it's not American Teen Idol. Seriously. My favorites from last night were the girl from Serbia (I think that's where she came from) and the the boy from the Bronx.

Mmmm, I think some frozen pizza is calling my name. Hope y'all are having a safe, non-near death experiences day! (Oh, and I'd like to thank those who gave me some advice on my last post. It really is quite helpful and relieving to know it's not just me freaking out as usual.)


  1. oh wow! i HATE driving in the snow. hate it hate it hate it. i'm glad you're okay though. and I'll keep my fingers crossed that you have a snow day. i wish we had snow days in college lol

  2. Oh man. We only had 2 inches, and we were out for a week. It was even declared a state of emergency! That is crazy. Did school end up being cancelled?

  3. Nope, I think our school's trying to go for the most unused snow days record. The roads weren't too bad, but it was like ten below and windy.