Friday, July 15, 2011

Nerdin' it up, Harry Potter style.

In honor of the premiere of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt. 2, I thought I would share my dad's Father's Day present with you guys.
 Yes, you are looking at a Lego replica of the Burrow. I saw it at Wal-Mart and just knew I had to get it for him. I wish I could show you guys all the details on the inside. All the little cabinets open and have things in them, there's a pig in the pen, the chimney actually does work (well it flips the little Lego characters to the other side, still impressive). There's just so many neat little tricks.

I could go on and on and on about the Harry Potter series. I saw the first movie in the second grade and decided to read the first book. From that point I was hooked for life. My dad was drawn in, too. It's one of the things that's made us have such a close relationship. My mom goes to see the movies with us, but she's not a die-hard fan like we are. Because I was so young when I first started reading the books, I've literally grown up with Harry Potter. I know there are tons of people out there like me. It's really kind of bittersweet this all coming to an end my senior year of high school. The outside world is becoming glaringly real to me, I'm growing up. I'm not ready for it to end, but I am. 

I'm so grateful to have had such a wonderful childhood full of magic, Hagrid, grindylows, and so much more. Harry Potter has been, and always will be, my weakness. I'll always tear up when I hear that music start up (you know what I'm talking about). Whenever I read or simply look at books 5-7 I'll have sudden flashbacks to my dad and I at the midnight releasings. Especially the one where we got home at 1 am and left for Colorado 7 hours later. And I'll always be willing to discuss in minute details every plot twist and character at the drop of a hat.

I'll leave y'all with a couple links you should seriously check out if you're a Harry Potter nerd. Which means you might have already seem them. Nonetheless. This video literally had me bawling like a baby. God knows what I'll be like when I go see the actual movie tonight. And this is just a wrock (wizard rock) music video. There is a ton more Harry Potter stuff on my Tumblr, so if you're interested the links over in the side bar. Hope you enjoy!


  1. I completely agree with you. Whenever I think about it being over, I get really sad.

  2. SO AMAZING! and i'm super depressed. I still remember in grade 2 when I got to miss school just to go see the movie. That's when I realized my mom is the best!

  3. Incredible. J.K. Rowling is my role model. I'm in the exact same position as you. I literally become an adult (turn 18) 5 days after the film release. I don't know where my childhood's gone...

    But I don't really think of it as over. It will never be over. Harry Potter will live on in our hearts, and we'll have the story to return to whenever we need. Hogwarts will be there to welcome us home. Always.