Friday, November 11, 2011

Day 21

A picture of something you wish you could forget.
I wish I could forget this dress. I'm not going to lie, I know I look good in it. I mean, that's why I bought it for homecoming. But to be honest it never even really fit right. The whole damn dance I was constantly hitching that thing up so that I wasn't giving any free peep shows. Plus the poofy skirt was not staying poofy. I had to keep having my friend Morgan fluff it up. Which I eventually gave up on. And to top it all off I paid a somewhat ridiculous amount of money for it. Especially considering the fact that I probably won't ever wear it again. I tried to reason with myself saying that the most I've ever spent on a dress is $80 and it was my last high school homecoming. But I regret it. The one thing I do like about the dress? The extra tulle in the skirt provided an adequate barrier between me and a certain someone who I've mentioned previously. I don't want to talk about it. Yet. There will definitely come a time, probably soon, that I want to talk about it. Because it's ridiculous/hilarious/embarrassing. And for some reason I have this insane need to share all ridiculous/hilarious/embarrassing stories I have about myself. Masochist? Yes. Ashamed? A little. Regretful? Never.

Happy 11/11/11! Make your wish count! [If you believe in that stuff.]

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