Saturday, December 3, 2011

November Favorites

Three days late, once again. Bah Humbug.

BAND: Cage the Elephant So, I've still been listening to a ton of We the Kings. But if it's not We the Kings it's definitely Cage the Elephant. The only way I can describe them is stoner music/a tad of screamo. Some of you may be thinking that this does not sound good. But trust me, they make it work. They only have two albums, self-titled and Thank You, Happy Birthday. You can tell they are totally into their music, which I find makes it that much funner to listen to. Their music videos are on the freaky/funny side. And by that I mean their video for "Around My Head" features the lead singer taking his dead girlfriend everywhere with him. Do not let that deter you.

SONG: "The Story of Your Life" This is not a song by Cage the Elephant, it's from We the Kings' album Smile Kid. And, actually, the album's name is taken from a line in this song! Waddayakno? Like all their songs it's really peppy and upbeat and cute. Please listen to it.

BOOK: The Name of the Star This book is by Maureen Johnson, a very hilarious, clever author whom I adore. It's about a girl, Rory, from Louisiana who goes to a boarding school in London. Just as she arrives there murders start to take place in London that mimic those of Jack the Ripper. It follows Rory's life as she gets introduced to the boarding school lifestyle and the paranormal. It's the first in a trilogy and just came out in September. I highly recommend this book. It has all the right amounts of mystery, paranormal, kissing, and humor.

BLOGGER:  pastor's girl's ponderings I just recently started to follow her blog, but I wish I had sooner. In all her posts she has beautiful photographs that she takes herself. She blogs about her family, her life, and the like. Whenever I read her posts I just become really relaxed and realize that sometimes the things I worry about just don't matter so much comparatively. It's like a breath of fresh air.

YOUTUBER: LukesArcade Obviously, this is a gaming channel. On it several different people play different games (including last month's Youtuber, Joey Graceffa). They play Batman, Pikmin, Plants vs. Zombies, and a couple others. So, if you like to watch gaming videos totally check this out! If not, I understand, some people don't like to watch other people play or even play video games themselves.

TV SHOW: New Girl My best friend Jordin and I are absolutely obsessed with this show. It's on FOX and it features Zooey Deschanel. That right there is enough to have me convinced. It's a really quirky, funny TV show about Jess, who moves into an apartment with three complete strangers. Who are all men. Jess is quirky, hard to embarrass, and completely lovable. I have to say out of all the guys on the show, Schmidt is my favorite. Mostly because he's completely ridiculous. Definitely, definitely watch it.

VIDEO GAME: Call of Duty: Black Ops I know this game is old. But I started to play it last month and haven't stopped. Mostly because once I start a game I can't stop until I've finished it. I think I'm about halfway through the campaign. I considered getting Modern Warfare 3, but I'm not sure. If I'm going to spend that much money on a video game I would rather have Batman: Arkham City.

THING(S): Infinity Scarves My favorite things to wear in during the wintertime are scarves. I was shopping at American Eagle for scarves when I came across this dark green, knit infinity scarf. I bought it and went back a week later to buy another, white one. Basically it's just one big loop that you wrap around your neck twice. I like them so much better than regular scarves because their wrap around your neck twice and keep your neck and face pretty warm. I also think they're so much cuter than regular scarves.

I realize I didn't include a movie of the month. The only movie I watched this month was Immortals. I went to see it with my friends Kayla and Morgan. I didn't like it much because it was supposed to be 3D so it was somewhat cheesy. I also didn't follow the story of Theseus too well, which I thought was what the movie was. We all agreed that it was decently good, though. Mostly because of all the half-naked hot guys. (Sorry if that's awkward for any guys reading this, I'm just being truthful.)


  1. If you're looking to spend money on a video game, go for Skyrim or Arkham Asylum. They're both epicly mad, though completely different game styles/types.

    *runs away before being labelled a nerd*

  2. I'm loving Cage the Elephant and LukesArcade this month too.