Thursday, December 22, 2011

Liar, liar pants on fire.

There is one type of person in this world that I absolutely cannot stand: posers/try-hards. You know who I'm talking about. Face it, we all have these people in our lives. The girl who goes around at a party saying to guys, "I love hot wings, working on cars, and country music!" For some reason, she thinks that this will instantly make the guy attracted to her. And maybe, occasionally, it does. But what happens when he finds out that a) you only like your hot wings boneless and in BBQ sauce, b) the one thing you can do to your car is pump gas and change your oil, and c) Taylor Swift is the only country you listen to? By that point, he may not care. Good for you. But to that I say, he is obviously not the type of guy worth keeping if he stays with a girl he met based on a lie simply because he likes dat ass thinks she's pretty. [I realize that this is a country-fied version of a try-hard/poser, but you can probably catch my drift.]

I would just like to know what's wrong with this society. How has it reached the point where girls think it's necessary to go around claiming to be something they're not in order to get a guy? I don't think I'm the crazy one here. I would rather be with a guy who's interested in the things I am. Too much time and energy would be wasted on trying to be someone I'm obviously not. Not only that, but I would imagine that things could get boring fast. If you have to fake common interests with someone, that's pretty sad. I mean, if you're only doing this to get with a guy, not have a relationship, fine, whatever. It's your life. Ruin it how you please. It just seems unfair to whomever you're conning.

And I'm not trying to imply that all guys are dumb enough to fall for this stupid little game. In fact, a lot of them will probably catch on pretty fast. Pretty much two minutes into any conversation based on a "common" interest will fall apart. It will be pretty apparent whether or not she knows what she's talking about. But a lot of these guys will go along with it. I mean, hey, she's good-looking, she kind of knows what you're into, and she's good-looking. Shallow is as shallow does. I guess these people need to find each other. I just find it sad. And boring. I can't imagine getting myself into a conversation about cars. As soon as a guy starts talking cars to me I know this conversation is going nowhere good, and fast.

And that's just one of the many types of try-hards/posers that exist in this world. More specifically, the type that I have to deal with pretty much everyday of my life. If you agree with my rant, then you've most likely been picturing a certain person/type. So feel free to comment letting me know who it is that just rubs you all the wrong ways. All of the ways. If you want to rant, I want to listen!

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