Friday, February 25, 2011

Day 01

A picture of yourself with fifteen facts.
  1. I am an extreme perfectionist.
  2. I want to travel the world and learn about different cultures and languages.
  3. I am highly competitive and hate to lose. If I don't get 1st place I'm usually really disappointed in myself.
  4. The thing I'm best at in life is getting myself hurt. No, seriously. I'm always tripping, bumping into things, falling, stubbing my toes, getting scratched up, and just about any other way of getting hurt you can imagine.
  5. I've played the piano since I was age six. My teacher wants me to major in music when I go to college, but honestly I just don't know what I want to do with the rest of my life.
  6. I was a huge tomboy until about the 7th grade.
  7. Being late is one of my worst fears. Therefore, I'm usually super early for everything.
  8. It's physically impossible for me to drive the speed limit. I usually go at least 5-10 mph over. Don't tell my mom.
  9. Until I was about 13 I hated pop. I could not stand to drink it. I used to get cans of root beer, open them, and leave them in the refrigerator until they were flat. Now, Mt Dew is like my crack. I still can't stand to drink brown pops, though. They make my stomach hurt.
  10. Whenever I go to Asian or Mexican restaurants the waiters always creep on me. By this I mean they either stare at me for too long, come by my table more often than any others, or make awkward conversations with me. (I'm sorry if this is somehow offensive to Asian or Mexican people.)
  11. I drive a Jeep named Mallow, and he is my pride and joy.
  12. When I was younger I hated the color pink. Like absolutely despised it.
  13. I'm usually quiet around most people, so they tend to think I'm either stuck up or judging them.
  14. I get my feelings hurt too easily, but I don't show it at all.
  15. Up until the 5th grade I was a Catholic school kid. Honestly, I probably would still be, but my brother got picked on a lot so my parents pulled him out and sent him to public school. It felt weird to me to be at a school without my brother so a year later I switched too. I don't regret it, but sometimes I feel like I don't quite belong at my school now.

(BTW, I just saw an ad that claimed to show you how to "get him addicted to you." WTF?!)

1 comment:

  1. Haha. Ooooh, the similarities. The only ones that don't apply to me as well are 8, 9, and 11.

    And I guess 15 as well, but I've always been that stereotypical good Catholic girl, so it's close enough.