Thursday, February 17, 2011

This is not a post. This is my Trig homework.

Or not. I'm trying to multitask by catching up on my YouTube subscriptions and doing my Trigonometry homework at the same time. As you can I've become distracted. I don't know why I always try to do my homework this way. I almost always end up here or on Facebook. (Usually Facebook, it's too addicting!)

This post is mainly going to be me complaining about one of my frenemies at school. So if you don't like complaining or ragging on people, I'm sorry. But it's just one of those things you can't get over! She just bugs me so much. I'm thinking that maybe if I write it down I can put it out of my mind. I guess we'll see if it works.

Well, in my class at school there's four of us who have maintained a 4.0 all throughout high school. So we're all in the running for valedictorian. (I say in the running because one of my former friends was too, but she got a B last semester so she's not any more.) It's me, two other girls, and a guy (one of my friends). One of the girls, we'll call her Jeannine, is what I consider to be a frenemy. We actually used to be pretty tight, she took me to a Green Day concert our sophomore year. But we kind of have that underlying tension thing where we always one to do better. Okay, I didn't really feel that way until I could tell she did. And I, having a naturally competitive nature, joined in the madness. Except instead of saying things to get under her skin, her tactic, I just ignore whatever she says about her grades. I can tell that gets under her skin. She loves to brag and have people talk about it.

We're both in band together. Luckily we don't play the same instrument so there really isn't a possibly of competition there. But we are in WYSE together. I don't know if you know what WYSE is, so I'll quickly explain. It's basically competitive test taking (nerd alert!) and there's six different categories. We're both in the English category. She got first at Regionals (our whole team did actually) and of course bragged. (Regionals were last week when I was sick so I couldn't go.) Well Sectionals are in a few weeks. And they just happen to be on the same day as an all day band festival at the university in town.

There's four of us who are in both band and WYSE, and at first we were just going to skip the band festival. But the problem is that our band is so small and we're all first chairs, so if we leave our band director thinks we shouldn't go at all. Which is, apparently, a problem. So he and our WYSE coach worked it out so we take our tests in the morning and the bus takes us to the university in the afternoon to play. The problem there is we'd miss the awards ceremony at WYSE, which is in the afternoon. So everyone threw a fit, and it was this huge deal.

Jeannine's dad wrote this kind of ass hole-ish email to our band director basically saying that she wasn't going to go to the band festival. The email ended with 'That you so much for your cooperation, as always." We-e-ell, looks like someone won't be getting the MVP senior award in band (the band director loves me, I'm a shoe-in, anyways). So then the band director threw a fit and told everyone they were going no matter what. And the WYSE coach told us all that we had to go to the festival, she wasn't going to let us stay.

Honestly, I really have no problem with this. I like band. I mean I signed up for it because I wanted to. I knew when I signed up that there were probably going to be conflicts. I mean we've all been in band since the fifth grade, we all know this by now. But ever since this was decided on Tuesday little miss perfection has been complaining. "It's just band, it doesn't even matter!" "This is so dumb, academics are more important!" Okay, not to some people. And how is academic to sit around for an hour waiting to get find out if you even placed?! She always says things that offend people, and she doesn't even realize it. Grrrr! She just pisses me off so much. If you don't like it then quit. That's my advice. And don't get all offended and huffy with me when I don't agree with you. Your opinion isn't necessarily always right. If it was some basketball or track thing you wouldn't be complaining at all. In fact, you'd be super pissed if they didn't work it out for you. So get off your high horse, the world doesn't revolve around you.

Okay. I've vented. I feel slightly better. I just hope she never finds this. I take that back, I really don't care either way. Oh, and tomorrow we're supposed to take our pinatas home. We still haven't decided who gets to take it home so things could get interesting...

Have a happy Friday tomorrow!


  1. OH MY GOSH. I know sooo many people like this! They surrounded me in high school. All I can say is, tough it out, and talk about her behind her back. Eventually you'll never have to see her again. LOL not a good advice giver.

    If only you knew FREAKING JENNY MAYER. OH I DESPISE HER. Her graduation party was right across the street from mine. On the same day. She got AN INTERVIEW TO YALE. (she didnt get in of course) SHE'S THE MOST BRILLIANT PERSON TO WALK THE PLANET. SHE'S SUCH A DEEP ARTIST. SO DEEP. so freaking deep. kill me.

    LOVED your rant!

  2. I don't know, sounds like perfect advice to me! Don't worry, I plan on doing exactly that. I think everyone ends up having someone that in their lives. She sounds super annoying. What I wanna know is how I'm going to make it to graduation without punching her.. lol jk.. or not

    And I won the hat draw, so I got to take the Ferocious Beast home. Take that Miss I'm Better Than Everyone in the Whole Wide World!

  3. DUDE! We have one of these too! Rachel. Oh my god. She is like Public Enemy no. 1 in the senior class. She's currently number two, and the whole class has trying to think of ways to knock her down to number two so that we won't have to listen to her talk at graduation.

    I totally get your troubles. She back talks teachers all the time when she doesn't get her way. And she's definitely the type that finds the person in the class that she knows failed the test they just took and says, "Man, I thought that test was really easy. Don't you agree?"

  4. Do they all do that?! We just took a trig test today and we were talking about this really hard proof. She walks up and goes, "Oh, that one was so easy!"