Friday, April 1, 2011

You're the bomb! Literally, there's a bomb.

Guess what today is! Yes, I'm aware that it's April Fool's Day (already got both of my parents). And, yes, it's Friday (Friday, gotta get down on Friday). But most importantly it's the first day of BEDA! For those who somehow don't know what BEDA is, it's Blog Every Day April. And that pretty much explains it all. I'm going to do my very best to not miss one day. Wish me luck!

I have two posts that I really want to make, but I feel I should do this one first while it's still relevant.

The craaaziest thing happened on Wednesday. There's this girl who I'm sort of friends with, mostly because we're in all the same classes. Well she came to school and started going on about how her dad woke her up and told her that the cops were going to search their house. Apparently someone called the cops from a pay phone and told them that her dad made a bomb and was going to blow up the railroad. So the cops show up and start questioning him. I mean obviously it's not true, so he tells them they can search the house if they want to. And they don't find anything.

Well that night her mom gets home from her softball game and goes to get the mail from the mailbox. When she opens the mailbox there's this plastic bag stuffed with the stuff that goes down underneath carpeting. So her mom freaks out and gets her dad to come check it out. Then her mom freaks out some more and calls the cops. They think it's a homemade pipe bomb so they get the bomb squad to come from Champaigne (about 45 minutes to an hour away). They have this little robot thing that retrieves it and they decide that yes, it is a bomb. So they put it in the middle of the street and blow the ends off.

Doesn't that just blow your mind? (ha, a pun!) I've never heard of, in my little area of the world anyways, someone finding a bomb in their mailbox. The twisted thing of it all is they're pretty sure her aunt and uncle put it there. Apparently they're in some sort of family feud or something. They think that they weren't trying to blow up someone in the family, though. Just frame the dad so he'd get in trouble. Insane. My family gets into fights but I sure hope they never try to blow up or set up each other.

In other news, I've decided I'm completely over the whole boy drama that went down. I really don't care anymore. And I feel kind of bad about talking about Ernestine. It turns out she really is pregnant, she told this girl in her class and that girl told everyone. Plus I heard the boy talking about how Ernestine went out and bought maternity clothes (I still don't know if he's the father, I'm not really sure anymore). Now I just feel bad for her. Who wants to be pregnant at 18? I know that doesn't mean the end of your life but it certainly changes everything. You have to grow up so fast. I wanna have a chance to live my own life before I even think about settling down and having a family.

And now I'm reminded of yet another post. At least I won't be running out of topics for BEDA anytime soon. I better stop this one now before this gets out of hand. Happy April Fool's Day! Don't be partyin' (partyin' yeah!) too much tonight.


  1. dude! That's insane! Wow.

  2. Oh wow. That's is the most ridiculous and scary thing I've ever heard? Why on earth would your OWN FAMILY either 1) try to frame you for making bombs or 2) BLOW UP YOUR MAILBOX. I mean wow. That's crazy. Something you would see in a Soap Opera.

    I definitely did not party last night. Went to bed at 8. Yea.

  3. a bomb?! sent by a family member? feud or no feud that is disturbing.