Monday, March 1, 2010


Kate: know what word really pisses me off? hiya. its SO ANNOYING. and i don't even know why.
Caryn: It makes me think of a hyenna. Or however u spell it. hi-e-na
Kate: its just so annoying though! whenever u say it just sound too peppy.
Caryn: Yeah like they are too happy and u just wanna be like shut the f*** up!
Kate: i despise happy and peppy people. it makes me wanna run over their puppies and make them unhappy and unpeppy. especially if i'm having a bad day
Caryn: Oh man. Same here. Its like they've never been unhappy in their life and you just wanna chop their toe off or something
Kate: they're like evil robots who are trying to destroy the world with happiness and pep
Caryn: They need to get struck by lightening.
Kate: or be shown slide shows of starving african children and orphans and diseased puppies and kittens.
Caryn: Or pushed down a water slide so they'll rust
Kate: or forced into slavery because if they're so happy and peppy all the time they'll be happy to do the work
Caryn: Yes! We should do all of those to them
Kate: HA! i'd like to see them say hiya then!
Caryn: They will fell pain and sad feelings!!!
Kate: we're so evil. how do we live with ourselves?
Caryn: How would we NOT live with ourselves?

You don't have to tell me, I know we're sick and demented. But that's what best friends are for, right?