Saturday, November 26, 2011

Poll Yo!

And now for a short announcement: If you would kindly look to the right of the screen, you will notice I have now added a poll to my blog. Every year my Spanish teacher has all her students make small pinatas. As a Spanish IV student I am able to pick anything I want. I've narrowed it down to three different characters. You can now vote for which one you would like to see me make. Not to sound too braggy, but I consider myself a pretty skilled pinata maker. I've made Mario and the Ferocious Beast. The poll will close on the 13th, because I think that's when we have to tell the teacher what we're making. So get out there and vote people! It's your Constitutional right! [Does that apply here? We'll go with yes.]

Sonic the Hedgehog


Thursday, November 24, 2011

Day 22

A picture of something you wish you were better at.
I really, really wish I was a good skier. Now, I don't want you to get the impression that I ski on a regular basis or every winter. I've only skied twice in my life. But I remember how much fun it was. The rush as you hurtle done the side of a mountain, or in my case a very, very large hill. How pretty the snow looks on the ground and the trees. It's so satisfying once you're able to reach the bottom without falling once. [Shocking, right?] Plus how cool would it be to tell people that you ski. Like, regularly. I also understand that it can get pretty pricey. But I can dream, right? I'm just such a winter person it feels wrong to not be able to say that I ski, snowboard, or ice skate. [I can ice skate, but not very well.]

Is there anything that you guys wish you were better at? And do any of you ski? If so, I am extremely jealous of you.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Quiero bailar contigo.

All I really want is someone who will laugh with me. Just sit up until the buttcrack of dawn and just talk and laugh and be ridiculous. I want to drive around all day doing absolutely nothing. I want to plant my butt in front of a TV with someone and have Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings marathons. Or maybe play Xbox so long that our eyes get blurry and we can't think straight. I want to love someone like I never have before. Be loved by someone like I can't even imagine. I want someone who will salsa dance with me even though I have no clue. I just want to have that person who knows me like no other and will always be there when the world gets cold.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Day 21

A picture of something you wish you could forget.
I wish I could forget this dress. I'm not going to lie, I know I look good in it. I mean, that's why I bought it for homecoming. But to be honest it never even really fit right. The whole damn dance I was constantly hitching that thing up so that I wasn't giving any free peep shows. Plus the poofy skirt was not staying poofy. I had to keep having my friend Morgan fluff it up. Which I eventually gave up on. And to top it all off I paid a somewhat ridiculous amount of money for it. Especially considering the fact that I probably won't ever wear it again. I tried to reason with myself saying that the most I've ever spent on a dress is $80 and it was my last high school homecoming. But I regret it. The one thing I do like about the dress? The extra tulle in the skirt provided an adequate barrier between me and a certain someone who I've mentioned previously. I don't want to talk about it. Yet. There will definitely come a time, probably soon, that I want to talk about it. Because it's ridiculous/hilarious/embarrassing. And for some reason I have this insane need to share all ridiculous/hilarious/embarrassing stories I have about myself. Masochist? Yes. Ashamed? A little. Regretful? Never.

Happy 11/11/11! Make your wish count! [If you believe in that stuff.]

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Decisions, decisions. And my descent into insanity.

I've been accepted to Saint Louis University! This is huuuge. This means that I have to make the choice of whether to go to SLU or Millikin. I was kind of hoping they'd make the decision for me. But that's not going to happen. You see, for the past few months I was all about going to SLU next year. I mean, I did apply to Millikin. But mostly because a bunch of my family went/goes there, my mom works there, and it's in my hometown. But then I went on a tour [despite the fact that I've been there too many times to count] and now I'm all confused. WTF.

Anyway, last night I had a dream that I was going to school at Millikin. It really wasn't a weird dream, either. I just went to class, hung out with friends, and did normal college things.[There was this one part, though, that involved a really cute guy. Oh yeah.]

So how am I supposed to know which college is the right one for me? Is this dream trying to tell me that Millikin is the way to go? Some people might take it as a sign, my subconscious telling me that I really do want to go there. And I probably would have taken it that way in the past. But this is such a huge decision, I can't let one measly little dream do it for me. I keep telling people that I'll definitely know by March. "I don't know how I'll know, but I'll know," I always say. But as March keeps getting closer [this year is going fast, people] I'm still stuck at the same place I've been since the beginning of the school year. I have absolutely no clue. I don't know how I'm going to decide or where I'll be next year. It's both scary and exciting. But mostly scary.

I don't know what I'm doing any more. But I'll probably die from an anxiety induced heart attack before next year even comes. Between English 101, calculus, and trying to choose which college to go to, my future is not looking too good right now.

In other, happier news, my scholastic bowl team [of which I'm the captain, go nerds!] is undefeated! We've only had two matches.... but still. Undefeated is undefeated.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

October Favorites

I've decided to try this thing when at the end of each month I tell you all about my favorite things of the month. It's mainly a YouTube thing, but considering I don't actually make videos, I'm turning it into a Blogger thing. So we'll see how this goes. [And, yes, I realize it's 3 days late.]

BAND: We the Kings I used to be a huuuuge We the Kings fan when I was a freshmen. I swear I know all the words off their first CD [self-titled]. After that, though, I didn't really keep up with them. I'm not sure why. But I just recently ordered their last two CDs [Smile Kid and Sunshine State of Mind] off their website. Right now I have Smile Kid in my car stereo. I haven't listened to Sunshine State of Mind yet but I have high expectations. If you haven't already you should definitely check them out.

SONG: "She Takes Me High" So, obviously, because I've been listening to We the Kings nonstop, one of their songs is my favorite of the month. It's the type of song that's expected by them: upbeat, cheesy lyrics, and totally pop rock. But I can't help jamming to it all the time.

BOOK: Heist Society This is a book by Ally Carter that you should definitely read. It is a Young Adult book, but if you're a book snob don't let that discourage you. The basic gist of the plot is that there's this 15-year-old-year girl, Kat, whose family is made up of art thieves. They're always stealing valuable paintings and whatnot, because, well, that's what art thieves do. Except Kat's dad gets accused of stealing some gangsters precious art collection. Kat has to get them back so that the gangster doesn't do anything to him. This book makes me want to become a highly-skilled art thief, wear black all the time, meet an incredibly hot millionaire, and tiptoe around doing daring, dangerous things. Like I said before, you should definitely read it.

SNACK: Quaker Quakes - Cheddar Cheese I know a lot of people have this misconception that rice cakes aren't good. But I promise you, they are. At least the cheddar cheese kind. If it's crunchy and cheesy chances are I'll like it. Plus if eaten in small proportions they're not that bad for you.

BLOGGER: Random Ramblings If you're into books and blogs about books, this is a great blog to check out. Jillian always has great reviews of books, many of these books are now on my ever-growing to-read list.  Not all of her posts are about books, but these are just as good as her reviews.

YOUTUBER: JoeyGraceffa This is Joey's personal channel on YouTube. His main channel is a music video channel, WinterSpringPro, which he does with another girl. This channel, however, is his personal vlogs. I love him so much! He's terribly adorable and reminds me a lot of my friends Trevor. If anime, video games, and music are your thing then what are you waiting for?

TV SHOW: American Horror Story This TV show is creepy as shit. No joke. I can't even begin to explain it. This family moves into a huge, old mansion where a bunch of murders took place but they don't know. All this weird stuff happens to them. And somehow this random, crazy neighbor of theirs is obsessed with the house. I can't explain it any better than that. It's on FX on Wednesdays 9c. If you watch it, please don't think I'm psycho. I have no clue why I like this TV show so much, I just do.

MOVIE: Paranormal Activity 3 I haven't watched many movies this month, so pickings were slim. But I did really like this movie. It's rated R, so if you're younger than that you'd have to find someone to take you. It follows Katie and Kristi's lives when they were very young girls. The whole background of why the things happen in the first two movies gets explained is this one. I would say it's the best one out of all three. Scary movies don't usually keep me up at night, but this one did. I went and saw the 10 o'clock showing the day before it released with a bunch of my friends. We were all scared out of our minds.

VIDEO GAME: Cube Field So I haven't had much time to play any videos games this month because of school. I don't think cube field actually qualifies as a *video game* but it's the only one I've really played this month. Basically you just have to navigate around a bunch of cubes. Really simple. It's supposed to help your perception and reaction time. I usually play it while I'm in Intro to Business because we don't really do anything. It's one of those games that you play if you have your computer and have some time to kill.

THING: My Brand Spankin' New Packers Lounge Chair I saw it at Farm 'n' Fleet with my dad and I couldn't not get it. It's sooo comfy. I could literally sit in it and read or watch TV for hours. It must be good luck too, because the Packers are 7 and 0! Yeaaaaaaaaaah! It wasn't a purely impulse item, though. My old blue one had gotten really uncomfortable and dirty. I mean, I did have it for almost 7 years.

What do you guys think, should this be a thing?