Saturday, April 2, 2011

Congratulations, you've won an award!

BEDA day two! Today's been a good day: the weather was actually really decent, I got to go on a huge shopping spree at Forever 21, I found a prom dress (it's not a long one, though, I'm more of a short dress type of girl), I got Chelsea Handler's book Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang, and I've begun spring cleaning my room. Very productive. And expensive. But that's okay, I haven't been shopping in forever. Oh, and speaking of books I just got done reading Water for Elephants upon a recommendation from my friend Morgan. It is so so so good. I absolutely loved it and plan on going to see the movie when it comes out. I highly suggest you read it. Plus I think it's really neat that Sara Gruen wrote it for NaNoWriMo (I think I did that right?).

In other news, Victoria from Victoria's World gave me an award! I love her blog, she's a really good writer and photographer. I just recently started reading her blog and I wish I'd found it a while ago. If you haven't already you should check her out. This is the award:
There are four steps that you have to do in order to accept the award. They are:
  1. Thank the person who gave them the award and link them back to your post.
  2. Tell seven things about yourself.
  3. Award to 10 bloggers.
  4. Contact these bloggers and let them know they have received this award.
Here are seven things about me:
  1. I get along better with guys. I honestly like them better than girls, girls are too dramatic, catty, take offense to every little thing, etc. Guys are just easy going. The ones I'm friends with are really down to earth and that's such a relief from all the drama of girls. Plus my sense of humor is similar to that of some guys and I think they appreciate that.
  2. I'm a huge book nerd. God knows how many books I've read over the years. At all times I have a book to read. It all started back in the 2nd grade when I read Harry Potter for the first time. Harry Potter and Jane Austen books are by far my most favorite.
  3. I don't date, well I sort of do. I talk to guys and stuff like that. I'll go out with them places, but I don't let it get too far. I don't know, I think it's because I just don't want to get into all of that. I've got too much drama and things going on in my life to add that into the mix. Of course, the right guy could come along and that's that. I just don't go out of my way to date.
  4. I'm too nice. No seriously, I am. Don't get me wrong, I tend to be a bitch sometimes. But for some reason I can't bring myself to be a bitch to people like underclassmen. I really wish I could just do it and make them go away. I've got like 5 underclassmen boys who are basically in love with me because I treat them like people. What freshmen boy wouldn't like a junior girl talking to them and being nice? I really need to stop before this gets out of hand.
  5. I find myself fighting depression a lot. Not the overwhelming I really need help depression, it's not that bad. But I have noticed that any little thing can send me into a wave of depression. I often find myself holing up in my room watching TV, reading a book, or listening to music. Sometimes there isn't even a reason, I just wake up and there it is. This big black, ugly thing covering me with it's shadow. That's why I'm grateful for my dad. He's the same way, I think it runs in the family because some of his brothers have it and so did his dad. He understands and if I get too overwhelmed he always helps me to come out of it. Whether it's a blizzard from DQ, a random car trip, or simply a hug.
  6. I love getting the crap scared out of me. Haunted houses, scary movies, TV shows about ghosts. Anything, you name it. I don't know what it is. The adrenaline rush? The chills running down your spine? Ever since I was little my dad and I bonded over the supernatural.
  7. I have a disease that I'll probably have the rest of my life. Don't freak out, it's nothing bad. I can't remember the full name, but it's hypothyroidism. Basically, my thyroid is naturally slow and doesn't secrete a sufficient amount of hormones to break down fat. I take pills every morning for it. Because of it I've struggled with my weight since the 5th grade. Now that I'm older and work out regularly it's not really a big deal any more.
 I'm aware that I've only listed 6 bloggers, but these are the blogs that I follow religiously. They are all amazing writers and I love their blogs. However, in addition to these lovely people, I'd like to award anyone reading my blog. I believe that anybody who's dedicated themselves and puts effort into a blog deserves an award. :)
And now I'm going to go watch Robin Hood: Men in Tights. Good night all!


  1. Aw. Thanks!

    I'm the same way with the depression. Sometimes it just hits out of the blue, and you just want to curl in a little ball in your room and read. All day.

  2. You're the greatest! You make me want to blog more. Thanks for the award :)

    And depression--same thing. Always. (well, not always, but, ya know, regularly) You're not alone. :)

  3. Thank you!!

    AH! I LOVE scary movies. I don't get to watch them enough because so few of my friends appreciate them like I do!

    And the depression thing, I'm really glad you have family members that understand and can help you out, because you're definitely nooot alone, hun.

  4. Awwww, so great to learn more about you :) And congrats on the award, that's great!!

    And urgh, depression.. that's a tricky thing to deal with. Definitely not alone in this though, I've been depressed and many of my girlfriends have as well. :)

  5. thank you!! i totally wanted to read that, but wasn't sure if i would like it, but you have inspired me to give it a chance :)

    it's great that your dad is supportive in that way :)

    DQ blizzards can help anything