Saturday, April 23, 2011

I think I'm going to lose my mind.

Really, life? Really?! Why do you continually kick my ass? It's like as soon as you punch me in the gut, I turn around and you're slapping me in the face. I don't get it. I would try and hit back, but I'm afraid you're much more experienced and skilled than I am.

You guys. I gave in. I gave into the one person I always said I wouldn't. I know you're tired of hearing about him, but he won't get out of my life. We sorta kinda make up? I'm not even sure. But somehow we're going to prom together next weekend. And going to see Water for Elephants on Monday [I will not let him ruin this movie for me]. He never apologized. Maybe he thinks he doesn't need to, but he really does. However, I can't go to prom alone because all my friends have dates. And the guy I want to go with is going with someone else [story of my life]. So I'll play nice and be friends. It's not worth all the drama and fuss. I just really hope he doesn't think we're dating. Because I'll just have to nip that in the bud. I'm not going through the past 5 months again. I refuse.

The good news? I went to TJ Maxx with my friends Kayla and Morgan yesterday and got a super cute Steve Madden jacket for $30. Woo!

Summer's in 19 day. Only 19 days until freedom. In 19 days I can conceivably kick him out of my life for good. [Who am I kidding?]


  1. !!!!!!

    I think everything will be fine. I think you will have a good time at prom! And I think it's good of you to just play nice. I know how hard it can be to just shut someone out. He does need to apologize though, like you said.


  2. I really want to see that movie!!

    Also, :/ Have fun anyways! You can always hang out with friends at prom!