Tuesday, April 12, 2011

To tan or not to tan, that is the question

I know I promised to do Day 09 today, but I'm pushing it back another day. Why? Because there's something I would like to discuss [rant about].

For the first time since October I wore shorts. [Viva! Hace calor!] And I couldn't help but notice how white my legs are. Just an little observation. And honestly it doesn't bug me, it never really has. I'm a naturally very light skinned person. In fact, I think it runs in my family. I mean, sure, I'm kind of really fair skinned and white. But it's a really tone, especially when I blush. Which is often.

Now a lot of people do not like being white. Just look at shows like Jersey Shore, where the darker or tanner you are, the better.  A lot of the girls from my school go tanning on a regular basis. During the winter when they can't tan outside, they get a tanning membership at a tanning salon. I honestly don't get it. Why's is so much better to be tan? I don't know about you, but I'd prefer not to be wrinkly when I get older, or have skin cancer. I've never purposely set out to tan. If I've gotten tan it's probably because I've been outside a lot. [I burn more than I tan. But whatever, not the point.]

I wanna know when it got to be that tan is better than white? Think back to the 19th century and all the years before that. Back then it was the whiter the better. [I'm not trying to be racist here, I'm just talking about natural skin color.] In fact women went out of their way to stay light skinned. Of course, then it was better because it meant you didn't have to work outside. Which was the only reason you would ever be tan. Unless you were from a country where dark skin was the norm. So when did that all change? What's wrong with light skin?

I guess the reason this bugs me is because I've had so many people compliment me on how pretty my skin tone is. And then the conversation gets going and they finally ask whether I'm going to start tanning or not. All right, you just said how pretty my skin is... and now you think I should go tanning? Maybe I'm perfectly happy with my skin color. Ever think about that? Maybe I don't want to be all gross and wrinkly when I'm older. My grandmothers both have [had] beautiful skin. I'd prefer to keep it that way for the rest of my life. Just because you think tanner is better doesn't mean I do. And it's not surprising that other people do too.

[I enjoyed hearing your random facts, it's so interesting to hear about other people's randomness.]


  1. I agree! It's that Irish in me. I plan in staying pale this year.

  2. I'm pale too. I like it though. It's not a bad thing. I don't understand the whole tanning thing therefore, I loved this post!

  3. Tanning is for fools!!! I mean, summer tanning is okay and hard to avoid. But tanning beds? I wrote a research paper about it. Nasty nasty nasty.