Sunday, April 3, 2011

I'll hold your hand.

I think I'm failing at giving up Mt Dew for Lent, or at least missing the point. I haven't failed in not drinking it. In fact I'm doing quite well at that. But I've managed to replace my Mt Dew addiction with Crush. It's gotten pretty bad. Does that mean I have to adjust and include Crush? Maybe I will... once I've finished this 12 pack. Don't judge me.

Speaking of addictions have I mentioned my obsession with tenrecs? They are so freaking adorable. Just look.
It's too much, it really is. There's this program called Zoo Crew at the local zoo. For about an hour you learn about different animals. And then for another hour you go around the zoo doing various jobs and learning about the habitats. I did it my 7th or 8th grade year and it was so much fun. I got to hold one of these adorable little creatures and they are the most  precious things ever. The one I held was really shy. The spines aren't prickly at all and their underbellies are super soft. I'm determined to own one some day.

Now, I'm not really a gay rights activist or anything like that. But this video showed up in my tumblr feed today and it's amazing. I really wanted to share it with you guys.

Well, I really planned on talking more, but I've been gone all day long and I have some ACT prep stuff my English teacher assigned that I really need to do. ACT, gross. I'm trying not to stress about it though. I do better if I just show up and do. The more I worry and freak out the worse I do.


  1. YUCK YUCK ACT. I know you will do well though! How could you not? :)

    and omg i never knew the name of that animal but it's sooo cute!!

  2. i thought that was a hedgehog? but it's sooo cute none the less. and that video was so cute. i wish things like that happened in real life, but i bet it's really rare. i defs support gay rights.

  3. That is adorable! Ack.

    Just charm your teacher. It works for me...kind of.

    Woot gay rights! Sooo support them.

    Annnndddd last but not least, I think everyone cheats on lent in some way. My ex's mom gave up facebook, and she's on at least a week. And I take a glucosamine supplement every other day, and it's kiiiiind of soda-ish.

  4. @Victoria, a tenrec's a miniature hedgehog. So I guess, in a way, it is a hedgehog. Tenrecs never get bigger than the one in the picture.

  5. I totally was thinking about buying a hedgehog this Fall!