Friday, April 15, 2011

Day 09

A picture of the person who has gotten you through the most.
Without a doubt, my lovely father. I'm not going to say I have a favorite parent, that's just not right. But I can say that I'm definitely closer to my dad. I think part of the reason is because we're so similar. It's actually kind of freaky. We both have this strong sense of right and wrong. And if we don't do what's "right" we feel intense guilt. He always knows if something's bothering me. He also knows me well enough to know when I want to talk about it and when I don't. Which I think is really important. When I don't want to talk about something I tend to become very obstinate and defensive. But whenever I go to him about anything he always know exactly what to say. When my gramma died this past winter it was hard for everyone, especially him. That's really the first time I've ever seen my dad get really upset. [I was too young to remember when my grandpa died.] I'd like to think we helped each other through it. By helping me through so many things in my past he's also shown me how to help others.

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  1. That is so great! And your Harry Potter action figures are so cute!