Thursday, April 7, 2011

She was a queer little thing.

My house smells like a Mexican restaurant, and I don't image the smell will go away for a long time. This would be because I just got done cooking 6 pounds of taco meat. Yes, 6 pounds. My Spanish 3/4 class is having a fiesta tomorrow during 2nd and 3rd hour. And yours truly was put in charge of the taco meat. So now I have to successfully transfer said taco meat from my house to my car, the 10 minutes it takes to get to school, and from my car to the classroom. I pray to God that the meat doesn't find it's way out of the Crock Pot and into my car. As much as I like tacos I don't want my car to forever smell like them. [Jeannine had the audacity to complain about having to buy shredded lettuce, shredded cheese, and sour cream. What?! Can you seay SIX POUNDS OF TACO MEAT?! I came this close to snapping. For realz.]

I'm reading The Secret Garden right now, and I am beginning to crave childhood again. Yes, I know I was just saying how I wanted to grow up. But have you ever read The Secret Garden? It's a wonderfully simple book about a young girl who discovers a, well, secret garden. Actually let me add to that. I want to be a young girl living in England in the early 1900s. [Have you seen pictures of those houses? They're massive! And they usually have huge, sprawling lawns and gardens.] I guess the thing I miss the most about childhood is the simplicity of everything. If one little thing happened the world was over, but then your parents just swoop in and make everything all better again.

I was a rather odd child, I have to say. To say I had an over active imagination is an understatement. I mostly played by myself and made up these whole imaginary worlds. Except the thing was that I wouldn't let anyone join me. So I was often seen wandering around talking to no one really and playing by myself. I wasn't unhappy. In fact, I think I was often happier by myself. I guess even back then I avoided drama. I'm beginning to think that maybe that's why I'm so comfortable being independent and on my own. I don't need others to be entertained, being alone isn't really lonely to me. I know some people who just can't stand being by themselves. Which I think is sad, really. I think you have to be comfortable with yourself first of all. I guess I'll always be that weird little girl wandering around talking to herself. And, strangely, I'm okay with that.

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  1. oh wow. you sound exactly like me. in fact, you have inspired a post! so thank you! you will soon find out what childhood lex did in her spare time. it's interesting to say the least...

    i LOVE the secret garden. i haven't read the book even though i own it (ashamed) but i watch the movie a lot lol