Saturday, April 9, 2011

Home Sweet Wal-Mart

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in Wal-Mart? I mean, its got everything you could ever want. [For the most part.] Some of their clothing is actually pretty nice. You could camp out in the camping section at night with a sleeping bag and tent. They've got a plethora of food. All the entertainment you could ever want. All the personal hygiene stuff. It'd be perfect! I think I might substitute Wal-Mart with Target, though. When my town finally got one I thought it was just the best thing ever. 
If you've ever seen the movie Where the Heart Is starring Natalie Portman, then you can probably see where I got my inspiration from. I saw that movie once and for some reason it made me really want to try to live in Wal-Mart. Never mind all the uncleanliness of it all. What I can't imagine, though, is having no place to live. No place to call home. I was pretty young when I first saw the movie and it devastated me that she had nowhere to live. It just blows my mind that some people don't have a place to call home. No place where they can just curl up and hide from the world on a bad day. Whenever I see people living on the streets I'm always reminded of how thankful I should feel to be blessed with a home.

Another thing I'm thankful for is contacts. I really cannot stand to wear my glasses. Which I had to do today. I use to never have allergies, at all. I considered myself pretty lucky since both my mom and brother have terrible allergies. I thought that I was going to be like my dad and have none at all. But I've noticed that around this time of year my left eye gets bloodshot and starts to burn. I can barely keep my eyes open. So I was forced to take them out and wear my glasses. Of course, I could be completely wrong. I never do take out my contacts, ever, even when I sleep. Maybe it's both.

And as for a third random topic, I'm going to speak briefly about boy troubles. [Why do I suddenly have so many?] Well, you see. There's this freshmen boy, we'll say Dawson, who I became pretty good friends with, mostly because of band. Don't think I go around making friends with freshmen boys. But next thing I know he's got one of our mutual friends asking if I like him. As in like like. Sigh. Why can't I ever just have a guy friend who's not interested in dating?! I was trying not to be mean about the whole thing, because I still wanted to be his friend. But I think I made matters worse.

I told her I didn't like him like that, but she's a little scatterbrained and never told him that. So I'm thinking that he knows I don't like him, and we can still be friends. But then last week I find she never told him and he texts me saying, "Do you see this becoming more than a friendship?" !##%^#% I knew it was too good to be true. So I said I didn't think so. And now things have gotten awkward. My life, I swear to God. Why do the ones I want to just be friends with want to date me?! And why do the ones I actually want to date act like they have no clue?! The bright side: I've gotten good at letting guys down easy. As easy as it can be when you're telling them you don't want to date.

May the force be with you! [God bless Star Wars marathons.]


  1. there are few things i value more in this life than my personal space.

    as for the guy're not alone. unfortunately that doesn't make it any easier.

  2. I never take out my contacts either. My eye doctor yells at me every time I go in there.

    BUT I've worn my glasses all week for spring break, so she can suck it. Haha.

  3. contacts are my savior! i had to wear my glasses for a week at school and made sure to whip them off every time i had to walk through the hall or talk to someone.

  4. i've always wanted to see that movie! lol my friend talks about it all the time. she's so weird.

    and ugh. boy troubles. i hate them. the troubles not boys. although, there are some boys i hate too. if you think about it though, it's probably just good that he knows. otherwise he would be pining after you and your friendship would just be weird anyway.

    life is hard.